Paterson Energy has entered into a Tripartite Memorandum of Understanding with

TU Berlin ( Technische Universitat Berlin)


Blackforest Solutions GmbH, Germany

The purpose of this agreement is to provide opportunities for the exchange of information, technology, experiences in the field of new waste processing technologies and Research and Development and to explore Business Development opportunities and setting up of Waste to Fuel plants in various parts across Europe.

Waste to Energy @ Paterson Energy

Ours is a Chennai based circular economy start-up, recycling plastic waste into quality Plastic Oil using a continuous type Thermochemical Depolymerization Technology, with a processing capacity of 3TPD – 20TPD (Tons /Day). It is a zero effluent and zero discharge process.

Our Technology is a complete Green Technology as we have zero effluent and zero discharge from the plants that we employ. The excess fuel is collected in a ballon and is routed back into the reactor as a heating agent.

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The Plastic Pyrolysis plants set-up by us are efficient as any energy that is let out from the process is duly captured and routed back into the system as heating agents.

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Our process is a continuous one, run in optimum pressure thereby drastically reducing the escape and mix of carbon together with the fumes preventing them from coming out with the pyrolysis oil.

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Energy Self-Sufficient Plants

No external fuel is required for heating during the production course of the process ensuring more profitability.

Special Catalyst

We constantly work on the catalyst assuring maximum oil yield and a streamlined process.

Optimum Temperature

The reaction temperature we maintain is optimized for the feed stock to get maximum yield, safety and reduced maintenance.

Multi-point energy recovery

In our system, no energy outlet goes untapped. We employ an efficient two step energy recovery system, maximizing profits.

Air Lock Feeding System

Air lock raw material feeding system with nitrogen purging prevents oxygen entering into reactor.

Optimum Pressure

Our Innovative pressure exhaust takes care of the build up of pressure and ensures maximum safety to the workers.

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